Technical Events at Techela 4.0



Never wrote anything but "Hello World!"? This event is just the one for you! A problem statement will be provided for which you have to draft an algorithm. No implementation required! Just the algorithm. 

Prize Money: ₹2500/-

Registration: ₹100/-

Day 1, 2pm - 4pm| Venue: Programming Lab 1 | Time Limit: 30 min




This is your old-school coding event.  A problem statement will be provided, solve it as fast as you can. The most efficient code wins the prize! 

Prize Money: ₹2500/-

 Registration: ₹100/- 

Day 1, 11am - 1pm | Venue: Programming Lab 2 | Time Limit: 60 min




Bring along that buddy who completes your statements; here's a challenge where one of you will be given the problem statement and will have to write the first half of the code //without comments. The other buddy has to complete the code by picking up from where the first left off. All the best, buds! 

Prize Money: ₹2500/-

 Registration: ₹100/-  (per team)

Day 2, 10am - 12pm | Venue: Project Lab 1 | Time Limit: 30min per buddy


Innovation Prototyping

Showcase your Innovative, Societal or Eco-Friendly Tech Ideas & win $$.

To Register visit:

ProTech Site