Non-Technical Events at Techela 4.0


Treasure Hunt

It's a treasure hunt, what else?

Prize Money: ₹750/-

 Registration: ₹50/- 

27th February, 10am - 11am | Venue: College Entrance


LAN Gaming


Just do what you do everyday, ez money for those who know their shit.

Play the following titles:

CS:GO |Prize Money: ₹2000/- |Venue: High Performance Lab | All Day Event | Entry  ₹250/- per team 

   FIFA |Prize Money: ₹2000/- |Venue: S1 Class | All Day Event | Entry  ₹100/- per person 

PUBG Mobile |Prize Money: ₹500/- |Venue: S2 Class| All Day Event | Entry  ₹20/- per person 

Brawlhalla |Venue: CN Lab | All Day Event | Entry Free for Brawlhalla


Side Shops

Miscellaneous shops including Food Stalls, Arcade Games and more!

Venue: SIT Entrance and 2nd Floor


Influencer Talk

We also have one surprise/gift for you in our bag. A chance to be a part of something big and a chance to learn more just at your doorstep.


Escape Room

Do you think you have the wits and brains to get out of a room? Trust us the riddles are not easy. Still if you think you can beat us then come with a team of 2-4 and give it a shot.

Prize:  ₹ 750/-

Entry Fee:  ₹ 100/- per team

Venue : S8,S9,S10 Classes